Tuesday, January 17, 2006

You Can't Be Fabulous, If You Carry Too Much Debt

By now, you've probably received some of your credit card bills from your Christmas spending spree. Everyone bemoans the credit card bills. We usually spend out all of our free cash on Christmas presents and treats; but rarely dip into our credit cards. I think we're in the minority: many people who go right over the top and get their debt out of control. So, in honor of this least wonderful time in a debtor's life (January), I have posted a new section on my site : Debt and How Get Out of It
The Killer of High Interest - Debt isn't your problem: it's interest. Strategic how to get out debt as fast as possible with the dollars available.
How Your Debt Ceiling Can Come Crashing Down - You can't fix your debt if it looks like you owe too much. Your debt ceiling may be holding you back from a low interest exit to your debt dilemma.


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