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Solutions For Packing You Self Storage Unit

Moving home or undergoing a house renovation etc can come with its ups and downs as well as its thrills and frustrations but one way that you can make the whole process a lot easier is by enlisting the help of a self storage unit but if you are using the help of a self storage unit you need to make sure that you pack the self storage unit in the correct way.

In order to make sure that you have gathered all of the household items and personal belongings that you want to place into storage as well as making sure that all of these items are placed into the storage unit in the best way you need to be organised.

Whatever situation you are in that has meant you have needed to enlist the help of a self storage unit you should make a list of all the items that you are placing into storage so that you have a record of where all of your items are.

The one aspect that people always seem to have trouble with when it comes to getting their belongings into storage is packing. This is because it is guaranteed that you will probably need more boxes and packaging material than you originally think that you will so it is a good idea to always buy more packaging material and boxes than you actually need just to make sure that you have enough to cover all of the items that you want to place into storage. Also boxes come in all shapes and sizes so no matter what you want to store you can do; however it is not advised that you store precious items such as jewellery and financial or legal papers.

The purpose of packaging the items that you are placing into storage is primarily to protect and preserve them and secondly to improve the presentation of them. This protection is needed when your items are being transported to the self storage unit as you may encounter uneven road surfaces that cause the vehicle to jolt on the road, which could potentially damage your items if they aren't protected properly.

You will need packaging items such as boxes, bubble wraps, un-printed packaging paper and packaging tape. All of these items will help to cushion your items whilst you are getting them over to your self storage unit. As previously mentioned make sure that you buy more than you need of these as any unused supplies can be returned after you have got all of your items over to the unit.

When you are packing all of your belongings it is a good idea to fill your boxes completely and store heavy items in smaller boxes for easier lifting. If you are storing clothes you can get a special wardrobe shaped box in which you can hang your clothes.

As a general rule when you are placing your items in your self storage unit you should place heavy items at the rear of the unit and then work your way forwards and upwards with your lighter and more fragile items. Also the items that you need more access to should be placed near the front of the storage unit. You also need to take into account if you need walking space within your self storage unit, depending on whether you do you may have to leave room for a walk way.

Make sure that all of your items are safely and securely placed in your self storage unit and ensure that when it comes to removing your items you can do so with ease.

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