Monday, July 03, 2006

Table Mate: A Laptop Saver

I have this recurring waking nightmare: I am in my living room, enjoying my laptop while on the couch. I want it at the right height, so I balance in the arm of the sofa. I get distracted and WHAM! My laptop hits the floor. How could I get past this dilemma?
The table mate is a foldable tv tray that makes eating, working at a laptop or many other things a lot easier. TV Products for Less is selling theirs at a price point of $5 less than what is offered on TV, with a week (or less) delivery time, instead of 6-8 weeks, as seen on the tv ads. These little tables have a versatile, adjustable tray and the height of legs is variable. My laptop need not quiver fearfully on the arm of the couch any longer.


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