Monday, November 26, 2007

User Generated Power

As storm season approaches, I start to make a mental checklist of where the flashlights, spare batteries and hand-crank radio have been stowed. I will also be re-filling our emergency supply kit soon.

The one thing we don't have that would be really fabulous is a small generator. What I love about Freeplay's Weza is that it's people-powered by way of a foot pedal (you can also plug the unit into your wall to charge it, but the foot pedal is pretty cool). Weza is a Swahili word for "power" -- totally appropriate for something that can generate enough energy to jumpstart a car or charge personal electronics.

The photo above, taken by Flickr user DCMetroblogger, shows someone using a Weza to power an XO laptop -- another fabulous item about which we will be blogging in coming weeks.

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