Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fabulous Bathroom

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Ever since we moved in, we swore we were going to reno the bathroom. Nearly 7 years later and we finally completed the reno. It was challenging on several levels, but we did it ourselves and the result is rather amazing.

We didn't replace the tub, but we did tear down the tile surround and replaced it with a polystyrene surround. We also replaced the outdated and oversized vanity and basin with a smaller model and a matching medicine cabinet.

The peel-and-stick tiles were removed and replaced with small ceramic tiles and the light fixture was replaced with something more complementary to the space. Finally, we replaced the big old 70s toilet with a new streamlined 6L model.

The finishing touches were some paint, wood trim, and a new shower curtain. The room is still the smallest space in the house but it is much more manageable at last.


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