Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tight Budget : Fabulous Art

There are zillions of cheaper and even free ways to turn your walls into decorative, artistic and interesting show pieces. So, do not stall your dreams and ideas due to lack of funds. You too can become a proud owner of creative and beautiful walls.

Use the artwork made by your kids
Kids come in handy if you supply them with ample paints and colors to draw for you. Not only displaying on the fridge, you could also turn their artwork into a collage. You could run into any discount store. Then buy a large piece of white poster board that may cost you merely $2-$3. You could creatively arrange your kid’s artwork on it. Then glue or tape each piece in place and leave it to dry totally. Then use some tapes or staples to hang it up. You have a wall hanging ready for the bedroom or the living room wall!

Buy poster-coloring packages for kids to get more artwork
With some more money to spend you can have new decors for your walls. Plus, you could treat the kids as well. Poster-coloring packages are easily available for less then $3-$5 each, depending on each package of poster sizes. Usually they contain 2-4 different pictures in each pack including markers as well. These packages can be bought from several discount and dollar stores. These come in various styles like plain paper style or in thicker cardboard with black velvet style.

You can buy them in accordance to whatever style pleases your kids and you. The kids are then left alone to color the pictures with all their heart. After they are through with coloring, you can post them up on your bedroom or living room walls by again using tapes or staples. As a mom, you could use your kid’s artwork for years to decorate their room.

Use Commercial Displays
Retailers use funky shapes to peddle their wares. Then they get bored with them and throw them out. We got 10 forms (see left) for nothing.

Use craft displays

You could use your Afghans, quilts, quilt blocks and many such items inherited over the years by you as wall displays. This is especially useful for someone who loves crafts like crochet or knitting, quilting and sewing.

Be your innovative self
You too can create designs especially for wall hangings with colorful quilt blocks, provided you have a love for sewing! How? Well, you could just use fabric of different shapes, colors and patterns by sewing them together and sticking them on the walls.
With a little more money, you could also have a photo frame with a mat from your local shop. After buying this, simply mount your hand crafted colorful quilt patterned blocks into the photo frame and hang it on the walls. Voila! Your wall décor is ready. It not only looks artistic but has a wonderful coordination of colors too. Not only it is inexpensive but also can be created quickly.

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