Monday, July 31, 2006

It's Getting Too Hot In Here!

We've just weathered our first blistering heat wave in the region (Victoria/Puget Sound and environs). But it's only July. August is waiting for us like a fire breathing dragon. In our homes we can blast the air conditioning, sleep in front of a fan, cloak the windows with dark blinds. What about our cars?
Cars are sitting ducks all of the beating heat. Here are some ways I try to get the van to bearable temperature:
  • Air conditioning (here's to hoping it won't give up). You can't run air conditioning all of the time, but you do need air circulation. Without air circulation, your interior could peak at 140 degrees or higher. The ideal solution: the Auto Cool Solar Car Fan it can hang off of your window, use solar power to turn the fan and all the while your car is keeping cool. Make the sun into your friend. Using solar power, this will reduce that up 30 degrees or more. Heck, there's no reason you can't perch one in each window.
  • Drive in the shade. If neccessary, shape your errands around what side of the road is getting the shade.
  • Windows open (sometimes). On the highway: leave the windows open to take advantage of the speed; in the city open them when you're in the sun and you can vent heat. If you can get the temperature out and you can park in the shade-- close the windows.
  • Use shades for your windows. Even if you have to improvise with a hunk of cardboard, keeping the sun out and you will keep the heat out.
  • Multi-task. I found this out by accident: I had some partially dry laundry. I left it in the windows and on the dash. That made the car look like a gypsy caravan, but the clothes were dry and the car was cool.


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