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Get it in writing : Moving Quotes

Help protect yourself against fraud from movers because whether you're relocating from Florida, Seattle or Boston, moving is always difficult and come with a lot of decisions that need to be made suddenly.

Making sure that your move is protected by a moving company contract. This is the first thing that needs to be done to protect yourself. Make sure that the company you chose has ample insurance just incase of an accident or theft.

These are the three most important terms you can educate yourself with when having to move from one state to another or even city to city. Rates can vary from state to state like Boston, Seattle, or Florida. More importantly your quotes need to be free.

Understand that moving companies can issue three different types of estimates, (Non-Binding) Estimate, Binding Estimate, and Not-to-Exceed Binding Estimate. You need to get familiar with this terminology so that you can understand the differences better. It is to your advantage not to choose non-binding estimates because that is when rates go up.

You need to know how much the truck weighs before your things are loaded in order to calculate your household's weight. This is your right as a consumer. Generally the industry standard is about 20% more than what is generally expected.

Changes go on a written Addendum, i.e., the change order they must fill out and you both sign prior to the move. Always make sure that you get a binding estimate for your protection against price increases.

You may not be able to move in your new home in the expected time frame you initially considered, but yet you did your homework and got several free binding quotes and are wondering now what do you do.

As long as you have it in writing you generally have about 60 days for your estimate to keep at the price and terms stated. Especially if you have a family to consider not having to scout around again for a good rate is better for you and your family.

The kind of estimate that gives you the best of both worlds is the third type of estimate. This third type is called a Not-to-Exceed Estimate.

The movers give you a Binding Estimate, then weigh the vehicle and reduce the price if the weight is less than anticipated. This is where you can save a lot of money.

This is what you would want so make sure that this is actually an option with movers.

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