Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Solar Lights Are Great

When we did up our garden, I wanted to have something out there to light it up at night. My mom got some electically powered night lights and I had to follow this cryptic routine to wire them around her garden. Then I set up her timer. About two months a year (one in the Fall; one in the Spring), the timer is right. Apart from that, it looks like it's saying to crooks, "We're probably out of town."
Then, I thought about Solar Lights for our garden. You can seat them anywhere. As long as they don't get a lot of shade, you're in business. They click on when darkness falls and peter out when the charge runs down (usually after bed time). I used only the small stake style. There are lots of variants. If I had a pond, I would likely use the floating style. There are some lantern style and tiki style. They emit this faint, LED, ghostly light. It illuminates the garden and accents it. You could put in dozens of lights. If you don't like the configuration, change them. My only problem: I wish I had many more of them.


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