Friday, June 20, 2008

Helping Children Cope With The Move

Moving to a new home is a time of uncertainty and change for children too. Giving up all that they know is a big deal so doesn't expect children to just transition without giving you grief through a move. Here are some tips to help you and your children cope with this situation.

Let your children know about the process and what occurs when packing for moving. As soon as you realize that the move is really going to happen start to discuss the matter. The more time the children have to think about and prepare for the move, the easier it will be for them.

Give your children the opportunity to express their feelings, and try to be honest about your own. Most children feel angry and sadness about the move. These responses are normal, natural and to be expected. Child physiologists will advise you pretty much on the same suggestions as mine.

You can also help older children to make an address book. Knowing they can stay in touch with their friends is an important part of a successful move. Start to gather information from your new town in Florida, Atlanta or Seattle, share this with your kids so that they can start to visualize what it will be like there.

In this day and age, perhaps you could help them set up their own email address or their own blog on a social networking site. This way kids can keep in touch with their friends over the internet.

Younger children may have spent extra time in childcare or with friends, so don't be surprised if they are clingier when they're around you.

During the actual moving day parents need to really stay as positive and calm as you can? I know this is easier said than done at such a stressful time. Babies especially pick up on their mother's mood and are very sensitive to stress. The last thing you need when you're packing is an unsettled baby on your hands.

Involve your children in the packing process. Older children can put their own belongings in boxes, and kids of all ages will enjoy decorating the boxes containing their things. By doing this will make finding your children's things easier once you're at the new house.

Even if you've hired professional movers to move you, still let your kids do some of their own packing. It doesn't matter if you are moving from Florida, Atlanta or Seattle, moving is moving. Your kids need to feel like they have some control over their own destiny.

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