Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fabulous Ride....

For a while we have been debating about adding a second vehicle to our "fleet" -- we currently own a minivan which suits our needs nicely, though it means one of us is bussing or walking to get around otherwise and it uses the same amount of gas regardless of how many people are inside.

So, we have been looking at other vehicles. Most recently, we have been eyeing the Smart Car (which has been available in Canada for two years but is only now being introduced in the United States) and various electric bikes (like those at GWEV). We hope to test drive the Smart Car later this month, and we'll follow with a review.

Every time I get close to talking myself into an electric bike, I talk myself out of it again -- either because the weather turns or because I can't imagine doing anything but getting to and from work on one (no big shopping runs; no passenger). Still, I have yet to take one for a spin.

At least we don't have too many parking issues around here, though, and the City has recently introduced "small vehicle" spaces to make room for more scooters and smart cars parking downtown. In New Jersey, though, they had a different problem: Giant Robot Imprisons Parked Cars [Wired News].


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