Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fabulous Cabinets

While they aren't quite fabulous yet, our kitchen cabinets are further away from their hideous 1970s faux woodgrain laminated beginnings.

Step 1: sand the laminate -- not enough to see the particle board underneath, but enough to roughen the surface.

Step 2. paint with primer -- the primer we were recommended includes lead (!!) so care was taken to paint with doors wide open. It took two coats for a good base.

Step 3. paint with melamine paint -- the melamine takes quite a while to dry and it also took two coats so this was lengthly. It was suggested we use a "high density foam" roller, but I really didn't like the bubbly texture it produced, so we went back to a regular roller and a brush (the brush actually produced the best results).



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