Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pest Control

Nothing can make your home unfabulous faster than an infestation of something creepy or crawly. We recently did battle with fruit flies. I suspect they started on the bananas, but they established themselves pretty well and were feasting on bread we had on the counter (ewwww... dozens of flies inside a plastic bag of bread? Yechhh!) and who knows what else. Apparently, they can even feed off the slime in a kitchen drain or a soured sponge or mop.

We refrigerated all the food and bleached every surface, but the flies still seemed to be breeding. After a web search, we found instructions for a simple trap -- basically a paper funnel in a jar baited with a slice of fruit or cider vinegar.

We set it on the counter and within minutes, two flies were already trapped. We left it overnight and now it is full. From here, we will take it outside and dispose of the pests. The nice thing about the trap is that no chemicals need to be used. Fabulous!


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